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We provide design departments the training and tools needed to gain better control of their data.

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We understand the stress and frustration that comes from dealing with mismanaged files and out of date systems.

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We can help you to:

Easily access, track, re-use, and collaborate on data from a secure, central source.

Increase profitability and market competitiveness by eliminating the overhead incurred from mismanaged data.

Clearly understand your engineering software that make the design process easier.

Improve Data Management
in 3 Easy Steps.

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We are standing by to understand your current software/hardware setup, the challenges you face, and the goals you want to achieve.

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Tailored to your specifications we will create a custom plan to increase your team’s productivity and business efficiency.


Onboard effective software solutions that gives your team the necessary knowledge, skills and tools to succeed.

Engineering software, data management tools, and training can be used to make your design process easier.


Streamline your data process with help from the following services:

Data Management
  • Strategic diagnosis of data paths
  • Aligning company goals and data paths
  • Building a long-term solution
Ground up Data Management planning and Implementation
  • Leveraging current systems strengths
  • Current Status Reporting       
  • Using the Bill of Material
  • Linking systems to move accurate data
  • Growth and Migration planning
Vault Professional Cloud Hosting
  • Fully Managed
  • Secure and backed up
  • always available.
System Integration
  • Process Development
  • CAD/ERP/MRP connectivity
  • Custom App development
Autodesk Vault Implementation
  • Installation and Setup
  • Lifecycle Configuration
  • Reporting
Cad Workstations
  • Hardware Assessments
  • ROI on New Hardware
  • Project Specific Tuning
  • Supply and Support
User Training/Administrator Training
  • Getting everyone to see the Value in ‘Good’ Data
  • Training for ‘your’ methods and required outcomes
  •  Advanced 3D modeling techniques

Over 20 Years Industry Experience

With our extensive network of engineers and data management consultants our company has the resources to handle projects of any size and complexity.

No Hidden Costs

If there are changes to the scope of work, we document the changes and price them out ahead of time. No hidden costs ever!

Cohesive Onboarding Plan

We provide detailed documentation that outlines a clear explanation of project deliverables, software installation and training for each management role.

Continued Support

Think of us as an extension to your company, offering continued support as you grow and expand advanced software features.

Supporting engineering firms, manufacturing companies and product development organizations.




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